New Century New Dawn

In 2099 Utopia dawns.  The Multinational Council has at last eradicated the injustices of history.

Global celebrations will be underway to mark humanity’s entry into the 22nd century.  Under the benevolent governance of the Multinational Council, a true age of tolerance, inclusivity and diversity has arrived.

Retrominds will not disturb the Final Age.  They have been identified, prosecuted and sentenced to repay their debts to society through their labours on Tartarus-1, mining rare earth minerals.  Humanity prevails.


Winston awakens to a familiar bedroom overlooking a familiar skyline.  He repeats his daily routines.  With each day the faces of strangers harden.  There is a silent tension in the subways, the cafes and workplaces.

He attends weekly seminars explaining the injustices scheduled classes have caused society.  Their time is over.  This is a golden age.  Humanity prevails.


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